Joey Crawford

Joey Crawford

Joey is the founder and owner of the Leading Discourse blog. He has a Bachelor of Business (Business Management) and a Bachelor of Business (First Class Honours) in Management and Leadership.

He is currently undertaking a PhD in Leadership and Management Research. A full copy of his experience, education, research, and recommendations can be found on his LinkedIn: Joey Crawford.


Publication portfolio

Joey publishes articles and opinion pieces in a variety of magazines and online platforms. Click the image to see his author pages on these websites. Some articles are not available online, and their links are not included. logo

What it means to be a leader – December 2015.
Keys to writing a great speech – January 2016.


Opinion and Journalism
On Public DiscourseNovember 2015.
To move campus, or not to move; that is the question –
November 2015.
The Story of Debt
September 2015.
Leadership crises and leadership challenge: An expected turn
September 2015.
High tea in blue stockings
August 2015.
Student Profiles –
October 2014.
Student Liberal Student Society Report –  October 2014.
Business and Accounting Student Society Report – October 2014.
Lunch Date with the Premier –  September 2014.
Breadth Units –  September 2014.
UTAS Hotties –  July 2014.
Will Stackhouse Exhibition –  May 2014.

Blackheart – August 2015.
A Backfiring Gun (Doug VI) – October 2014.
To Be The One That Got Away (Doug V) – September 2014.
Never Gone (Doug IV) – August 2014.
Passionate Problem Solving (Doug III) – July 2014.
Last Drink (Doug II) – May 2014.
The Killer Observed (Doug I) April 2014.

Aphra Magazine

Aphra was an online magazine which printed two issues over its lifetime. It stopped publication in December 2016. Joey’s publications in this included five opinion and journalist pieces between August 2014 and January 2015.

Opinion and Journalism
Charlie Hedbo Attack – Freedom Under Siege – January 2015.
Fees for Higher Education – How High Will They Go? – December 2014.
On Amalgamations – November 2014.
Politics, Opinions and Abuse: Fight Policies, Not People – October 2014.
Art, Variety and Energy – All in a Mug – August 2014.



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