Who We Are

Leadership relationships can be tough. The 2008 Global Financial Crisis, changing governments by the day, Middle Eastern unrest, and influxes in corporate scandals demonstrates the need for reviewing leadership. What we think it is, how we think it should look, and how it can be better is crucial. This is the story we try to tell, and a core element of who we are.

Who we are

Who We Are - Joey CrawfordJoey Crawford started Leading Discourse as a blog to discuss some of the insights he gained from the intersection between leadership research and leaders in practice. His honours research on leadership in university students unleashed a fire to attempt to solve some of the greatest challenges that face contemporary leaders.

He continues to reflect upon, research, and live the leadership journey. This website is a collection of thoughts from this journey.


Why leading discourse?

Like every great brand, there is a story behind the name, and in fact the logo. At the onset, the website is a blog on the discussion of leadership. But it’s more than that. Lots more. The mission of this website and associated blog is to lead the discourse on leadership.

To be at the forefront of the discussion of leadership.

Leading Discourse Leadership LogoThis translates beyond leadership though. Some of the posts and content is not directly on the process of leadership or leader development. It might be on personal development, or on strategy, resume writing, blogging, and anything else that comes to mind. The vision is to lead the discussion in every topic we engage in. To learn, to reflect, and to live the process of leading a variety of discourse. The key is to ensure that, whatever the topic, that we engage with it civilly.

That is where the blog came from, a piece the Founder wrote in a local student magazine

“In politics, business, and even entertainment, we see many people lower their moral standards when engaging in a debate of contentious social issues. Humans treat their opposition as inferior, and instead of engaging in a rational discussion of ideas, our debates become focused on personality and personal attacks” – Joey Crawford, On Public Discourse.

The journey

There is a difference between a leader and a great leader. The willingness to learn is a starting point, but their ability to get beyond social aggression and treat those around them as equals. We can strive to be better than we were yesterday, and reading the experiences, reflections, and insights of others is one way that we can do exactly that.

If you want to take a courageous step forward and make the change between being a leader, and a great leader, start your journey with our Leading Discourse blog.

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    1. I find that mornings are my most productive time of the day – I like to try to read blogs and books in the evening in bed with a cup of tea! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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