Reflect for the New Year

As the year draws to an end, it is important to look back and look forward. The journey we have each undertaken is hopefully one we have enjoyed; perhaps not the whole 365 days, but hopefully many. Each of those days comes attached with a new memory and a new experience.

Our lives often change radically during the space of a year as we develop (hopefully) into better and more effective human beings. Many make a New Year’s resolution, and this is something worth considering. Did you make one last year, and have you accomplished it? What went right and what went wrong. In order to look forward, we must first look back.

During this year, I took up a gym membership and graduated from a degree. I also started this blog, and began a new job. Among many other things, I reflect on these as some of the highlights. Consider what you’ve done as a person during the past twelve months and then go forth and think about what you are yet to achieve. I achieved my ‘weight goal’ leading up to the New Year, and am ready to set another. This is something I can be proud of. I am sure there are similar achievements in everyone’s lives and things worth toasting as we watch the clock at 11:59pm.

How about the things we didn’t accomplish. I wanted to finish a second draft of a novel I have been working on, and similarly failed to do so. I have to ask why, and I realise that I over-committed and didn’t allocate dedicated time to write outside of this blog and my studies. So, going forward I have to consider the goals I am yet to achieve and work towards them in the next year.

Finally, take a moment to work out something we want to achieve personally and professionally for 2016. Something new and something fresh. We have lots of ideas in the back of our mind for things to try: skydiving isn’t on my to-do list but it might be on yours?

So consider the following:

  1. What have you accomplished in the year gone by?
  2. What have you failed to accomplish? Why? How can you improve on these shortcomings?
  3. What are you yet to achieve in 2016?