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Leading discourse - leadership blog Leadership in the twenty first century is no easy feat. Everyday leaders are faced with some of the greatest challenges of our time. Followers know that a leader without their values, is not one worth following.

In times gone by, there were two types of leaders. The first, the manager with ultimate authority. The guy (yes, they were usually male) had the ability to determine whether we would make a living or not. It was listen to this guy or be fired. The second was the Martin Luther King Jrs of the world screaming “I have a dream” on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. These were the great men and the transformational leaders.

We aren’t in those times any more. We have a diverse society, and that means a diverse set of leaders. And even more variety in what we think good leadership is. It’s no wonder we have more than fifty different leadership theories. The one that we discuss the most here, is authentic leadership, in its adaptive form.

The leadership blog

We try to capture the change and evolution of leaders of today. In a way that is informed by academic theory and actual leadership experience. The aim of which is to bridge the gap between the tens of thousands of journal articles and textbooks on leadership and the contemporary leadership environment. But doing this only has value if we go beyond the theory and consider practical ways to apply and develop ourselves as leaders. We consider ideas like how a positive word to a waiter having a bad day can change a person’s life, just a little bit. We look at the valuable books that we recommend for young leaders and how we can be optimistic after something bad happens. Please enjoy and engage with our blog on your leadership journey.

Why leading discourse?

Leading Discourse Leadership LogoGood question. Every great book title, company name, or website ought to have a reason for its emergence, right? Some are pretty random, like IKEA, based upon the initials of the founder ‘IK’ and the farm and village he grew up on ‘EA’. Spotify was accidentally heard by its cofounders in a brainstorming session, but now state it stems from the combination of spot and identify. We’re a bit different. Leading discourse¬†Joey Crawford¬†identified a need for society. The conversation about leadership is one we endeavour to be at the forefront of. We talk more about our story here.